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Start with us from Scratch!

We teach kids programming in a fun and interactive way.


Well, there is no doubt that children these days are more tech-savvy than most of their parents

The question is whether it’s enough to succeed in a world that is dominated by software. We are passionate about digital literacy for kids and believe that it is crucial that kids learn how to become creators, not just consumers of digital technology. Learning to code will enable children to become problem-solvers and digital-makers for jobs that might not even exist yet.

Once kids learn to code the only limit of what is possible is their imagination.


Kids start with Scratch and advance to more complex programming languages such as Python, HTML and many more in the upcoming semesters.

Scratch was an obvious choice because it’s fun, intuitive, creative and encourages sharing. Developed by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Media Lab it counts huge creative learning community with almost 24mil projects shared.


We cannot stress this enough, kids learn better when it’s fun.

Our classes have fun, friendly and informal atmosphere. Moreover, we put emphasis on vital skills like- cooperation, communication and presentation skills. When kids are put in an environment where they are encouraged to share and learn with other curious kids — that’s when they really learn. It’s settings like this where kids can collaborate, discuss cool ideas, problem-solve and make friends too!

For Whom?

There is no reason why our coding classes would be just for tech-savvy kids.

We have experienced teachers who can work with different needs and thanks to very small (up to 10 kids) classes take personal approach. Also it goes without saying that girl or boy, can have a great fun learning this skill.

For now, we have Scratch classes for 8-12 years old.